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Q) Why is Distilled Drinking water good for me? And why is Distilled Oxygenated Water the best for hydration?

A) Pure drinking water absorbs quickly into our blood cells and tissue because the body does not have to separate the impurities from the water. Years ago the earth contained between 3-9 ppm of oxygen. Today the oxygen content is less than half of what it used to be, limiting the amount of oxygen that is available for breathing. Drink “the Source” ® Distilled Oxygenated Water gives you the value of pure water and some oxygen; the best combination for a healthier you.

Q) What is the difference between “the Source” ® Oxygenated Distilled Water and other Oxygenated waters?

A) “the Source” ® contains five (5) to eight (8) times more oxygen than other bottled waters (spring, mineral, and purified water). Other oxygenated waters on the market are suing waters or re-mineralized purified waters. These waters are pure from their original state, but they contain dissolved solids that distort the space between H2O molecules. “the Source” ® distilled water is pure and has no dissolved solids; thus there is room to add available and usable oxygen (O2 molecules).

Q) How does the oxygen stay in the bottle?

A) The infused oxygen in “the Source” ® remains in the bottle longer because there are no minerals, salts or other dissolved solids to agitate and release oxygen available for absorption. Since “the Source” ® is distilled and absolutely pure and there is nothing to interfere with the absorption of H2O molecule. Both water and oxygen are instantly absorbed.

Q) What is the significance in the oxygenation of five (5) times and eight (8) times the amount of oxygen? Is Oxygenated water better than energy drinks?

A) “the Source” ® Distilled Oxygenated Water has five times then amount of extra oxygen than regular distilled water. The extra amount of oxygenation work well for people to drink during normal activity. The additional (eight time) oxygen which is in “the Source” ® Super Sport Oxygenated Distilled Water is perfect for physical/athletic activity. Energy drinks require extensive amounts of energy for digestions. As a result, the body loses energy that could have been used by the muscles during exercise. “Serious athletes and health conscious people prefer pure oxygenated water because it does not require any energy to digest.” J.J. Kowalski, MD

Q) What are the health benefits in drinking Distilled Oxygenated Waters?

A) A sufficient supply of oxygen is necessary for the body to function properly. Oxygen helps the process of healing ability and helps improve and remove toxins from the body which is mandatory for peak muscle performance and endurance.

The kidneys work hard to dispose of the inorganic minerals, dissolved solids and other impurities found in solids. Oxygen lessens the filtration load on the kidney and provides your body’s cells with the purest water available. The oxygen also gives “the Source” ® a light crisp clean refreshing taste.

Additional benefit are:

  • Unsurpassed purity
  • Immediate absorption
  • Clean crisp tasting – you will not feel bloated
  • Enhance performance and helps prevent injuries with the combination of water and oxygen
    • Helps boost energy
    • Helps increase stamina
    • Helps keep you focused and alert
    • Helps prevent muscle cramps
    • Helps prevent back injury (the spinal disc uses only non-ionized water)
    • Pure water helps mobilize fat
    • Helps reduce the risk of Kidney stones
  • Health professionals have known that distilled water is the purest healthy water you can drink for years, such as:
    • Those on chemotherapy
    • Those on low regime
  • Those with impaired immune systems
  • Those with chemical allergies
  • Ideal for baby formulas. (Absolutely pure, no harmful contaminants or germs.)

Q) Why is “the Source” ® the best water to buy on the market today?

A) “the Source” ® gets its water from an underground aquifer which is naturally filtered to an impressive quality containing only 120 total dissolved solids and zero turbidity. We then take this already clean water and filter it down to 0.25 microns and the distill it to achieve purity that surpasses government standards.

Q) What about your names “the Source” ® why is the it important?

A) We believe that the name of a product tells you the foundation! Water is one vital “source” of life. It covers most of the earth! Our body is 70% water! Water is a strong element that is needed for a healthy life. So, looking at the major influence of water in our lives, we decided to call our water “the Source” ®: a small name with an abundance of strength.

Q) How does the extra-oxygen get into the bottle?

A) The extra-oxygen gets into the bottle by infused Oxygen—which is a chemically active form of oxygenation. The method of oxygenation is conducted by a special process used to combine distilled water essentially has no solids so there is room to add available and oxygen (O2 molecules.).

The Ova Foundation is home of “the Source”. We are committed to bottle the healthiest water available. To ensure that we are aware of Bottled Water Standards and that we have vital information at times regarding water safety we became a member of the International Bottle Water Associated (IBWA)

For these reasons, “the Source” is not just another drinking water – it is an answer to healthy life. The Water Shoppe offered a connoisseur’s guide on the finest healthy waters available under “the Source” umbrella of soft bottled waters. Soft waters react in the body vigorously, hydrating, detoxing, balancing restoring and energizing.

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